Hamburger Mint's Snow White Coin

The Hamburger Mint’s Stunning Snow White Coin

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In 2013, Germany started producing a 10 Euro coin in commemoration of “200 Years of Brothers Grimm”, a six-year series on “Grimm’s Fairy Tales.”

The next issue of this series will be released in March 2013 and be dedicated to the fairy tale “Snow White.” The coin will be minted by the Hamburger Mint.

The jury’s assessment of the winning design by Bastian Prillwitz from Berlin is as follows:

“The design translates ??the main theme of the story, the beauty contest and the Queen’s envy of the princess, without falling into clichés. It also leaves room for interpretation. By using the popular elements of mirrors, apples and dwarfs, the tale is clearly identifiable.

The artistic design is evident in the composition of individual pictorial elements and impresses with sophisticated sculptural elaboration of the relief.”

The official issue price was set at € 18.38. The coin weighs 18 grams. The alloy is composed of .625 silver and .375 copper, and carries the inscription “Silver 625″.


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