2013 richard wagner coin

New German Coin Celebrates Richard Wagner

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The stunning new German coin marks the 200th birthday of world-famous German composer Richard Wagner (May 2, 1813 – February 13, 1883) who was primarily known for his operas. His work ‘Tristan and Isolde’ is sometimes described as marking the start of modern music.

A valid method of payment with a secure face value…

The 10-euro commemorative coin “200th birthday of Richard Wagner” is official currency. The embossed nominal value is guaranteed by the German government. This means that the price of this coin can never fall below 10 euros.

Specific information about this coin

Year of issue: 2013
Collection theme: German Coins
Country: Germany
Material: Copper / Nickel
Grade: “uncirculated”
Mint: German Mint
Currency: EUR
Diameter: 32.5 mm


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